The Voice of Angels

Coming later this year!

The Voice of Angels by Nydia Hadi

Olivier’s life is turned upside down after a car accident. Aside from the injuries to his body, his relationship with his girlfriend has also turned sour. When everything seems to be against him, he discovers a Catholic choir group that inspires him to see life in a new light. Although he is not religious, he helps the choir and ends up learning what selfless love means.

Regina is a professional violinist and a soprano in her church choir. She is also very devoted to her faith. When she meets Olivier, a nonbeliever, her faith is challenged in a new way. Most importantly, she has to define what it really means to have faith. When her feelings for Olivier grow deeper, she’ll have to decide what to compromise—and what not to.

Will Olivier and Regina end up together? Will love conquer all?