O’Donovan Family Series by Ellen Gable


Award-winning Catholic Historical Romance Series

After marrying the man of her dreams, Caroline must endure tragedy and forced marriage to a man she despises.

IN NAME ONLY (Book One) by Ellen Gable is set in 1876 Philadelphia.  Caroline Martin’s life has finally taken a turn for the better.  After years of hard work, she has met a virtuous and wealthy man whose love seems to promise the kind of life realized only within the comforting novels she keeps on her night table.  Tragedy, however, will teach Caroline the complexity with which God Himself authors the lives of those who turn towards Him.

WINNER,  Gold Medal, Religious Fiction, 2010 IPPY Awards  (Independent Publisher Book Award)

IN NAME ONLY reached #1 in Religious Fiction in 2012 and remained in the top ten for most of 2012.

In Name Only received the Catholic Writers Guild Seal of Approval in 2009.

Now available in Portuguese!






“If you love romance but hate smut, pick up this beautiful story and let it carry you away. The characters are believable, layered, human and humorous even in the midst of tragedy. The reader never loses hope and is rewarded on every page with little gems of character behavior, dialogue, plot twists and romantic intrigue…I was so very sorry when it ended and so thrilled to hear a rumor that she is writing a sequel. Let it be a series, Lord!” Lisa Mladinich, author, Heads Bowed, True Radiance and founder of Amazing Catechists.com  

“Gable has skillfully crafted this intriguing novel, introducing many turns and twists in the plot, which will keep her reader’s eyes glued to the page, eager to learn the outcome of her tale. As the reader proceeds, he/she discovers the true depth of the novel – which conveys the beautiful Catholic teachings on conjugal love, and shares both a pro-life story and a conversion story.” Jean Heimann, Catholic Fire

“Searching for a page-turning historical Catholic novel? “In Name Only” by Ellen Gable is one book you won’t want to put down until you finally reach its satisfying conclusion.   Anne Faye, novelist



Impatient to marry, will oldest O’Donovan daughter Kathleen ever find true love and happiness?

A SUBTLE GRACE (Book Two) by Ellen Gable is set in 1896, Philadelphia. In this sequel (and standalone novel) to In Name Only (FQP 2009), A Subtle Grace continues the story of the wealthy and unconventional O’Donovan Family as they approach the dawn of a new century At 19, Kathleen (oldest daughter) is unmarried with no prospects.  Fearing the lonely fate of an old maid, her impatience leads to an infatuation with the first man who shows interest. The suave, handsome son of the local police chief seems a perfect match.  But will her impulsive manner prevent her from recognizing her true beloved?  A disturbing turn of events brings a dark shadow that threatens the life-long happiness she desires. Dr. Luke Peterson (the family’s new physician) also makes quite an impression on Kathleen. His affection for her leads him to startling revelations: about Kathleen, about his practice and, most importantly, about himself. Will (oldest son) believes God may be calling him to a religious vocation. Eventually, he discovers the hidden circumstances of his humble beginnings compelling him to embark on a pilgrimage to Rome.

FINALIST, 2015 IAN Book Awards, Historical, Romance

A SUBTLE GRACE received the Catholic Writers Guild Seal of Approval in 2014.








“…‘A Subtle Grace’ is a masterfully written illustration of the difference between lust and love, between rashness and fortitude, between mere existence and truly living.”  AnnMarie Creedon, author, Angela’s Song

 “The plot tugs at the heart and gets the heart racing.  Reading ‘A Subtle Grace’ was like riding a Victorian-era wooden roller coaster: a luscious historical setting that provides a tantalizingly dangerous thrill ride.”  Erin McCole Cupp, author, Don’t You Forget About Me

“This is one of my favorite contemporary works of Catholic fiction. The storytelling is masterful, the characters fascinating, and the writing is of high literary quality…In this story it’s shown how the greatest mistake of our lives can be turned into one of the most amazing blessings and even be a source of hope for others.” Trisha Niermeyer Potter, Prints of Grace

“…readers of In Name Only won’t want to miss this one! The story kept me so interested that I hardly realized this was, in fact, a lengthy book. ‘A Subtle Grace’ is a novel to stir your heart, your emotions, and your soul. I highly recommend it!”  Therese Heckenkamp, award-winning author, Frozen Footprints