RL Martin

Randall Martin received his Bachelor’s degree in English from the University of Central Oklahoma in 1991 and his Masters in English from the same school in 1996. In 1999, Randall began a two-year stint as Senior Editor at Taiwan News in Taipei. While there, he worked with, Leo Maliksi, a journalist who turned out to be a member of Opus Dei. Leo introduced him to the priest of Opus Dei in Taipei, and a seed was planted that took around 13 years to germinate. In 2013, after many years of “religion-and-philosophy window shopping” and after listening to Sacred Heart Radio for several months, Randall decided to enroll in RCIA at St. Charles Borromeo in Tacoma, WA. He has fallen in love with Jesus and the church. He says that going to Mass is like sinking into a warm Jacuzzi for his soul. He lives in Tacoma with his wife where he substitute teaches to support his writing habit. Now that his two sons are in college, he hopes to have more time to write and devote to prayer and service. His book, Refreshing Jutta, will be published in the Fall.