R.L. Martin

RL Martin is a full-time public school teacher in a liberal school district in America. Before teaching public school, he was an adjunct professor in community colleges for ten years. In 2013, he converted to the Catholic faith and began emphasizing a more conservative worldview in his college English classes. He eventually landed in some hot water over an article that appeared in the student newspaper calling him out by name and claiming that his conservative bias had interfered with his grading. He began writing Refreshing Jutta about that time to help him deal with many of the issues he was facing in the community college system: censorship, a lack of academic freedom, and the sexual confusion of his students. The idea for the novel came one day when he was listening to Catholic radio on his way home after teaching an argument class. Radio host Al Cresta was having a conversation with a guest who made the statement that medical science was getting to the point that people would not have to die. If that’s the case, RL thought, only the rich will get the treatments. The plot line came to him on that drive home, and it took several years of writing sporadically in his free time to finish the book. James Hrkach of Full Quiver Publishing spent a great deal of time providing developmental editing and has helped the book to be what it is today. It turns out that the book is appearing at an optimal time, when big-tech oligarchs are flaunting their power over the masses. Hrkach calls the book “a compelling story about the ultimate demise of freedom-hating, self-absorbed overlords.” We hope you will agree.

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