Erin Lewis

Erin is a Catholic homeschooling mother and a first-time novelist following a childhood filled with creative fiction writing.  She lives with her husband and four daughters in North Georgia.  Her passion for vocations became strong when her youngest brother was ordained a priest.  Her twenty years of Catholic adulthood have given her time to grow and see what really matters in life with a focus on the good, the true, and the beautiful, and she wants her characters to find and reflect the same.  Reading the classics and Church Fathers, and especially Chesterton alongside her homeschooled children,  has informed her current writings.

Erin initially created her characters, Dallas and Channing, over twenty years ago.  She was prompted to pull out an old story about them to share with her teenage daughters and was dismayed to realize she had left the characters she loved hanging in hopeless despair.  Dallas and Channing were always searching for something, and that something was God all along.  The book’s direction was suddenly clear, and Erin gave the characters depth and purpose, knowing she owed it to them to develop them further and give them hope amidst their hardships.

Erin is a member of the Catholic Writers Guild, and when she’s not writing is busy reading aloud to her children, organizing a moms’ book club, building community with families from her church, and leading a forest school for local families to get out in the natural world.  She enjoys traveling and photography.  She can be found at her website, and on both Facebook and Instagram – @authorerinlewis.


Erin’s first book, Firetender, was published by FQP earlier this year.

Book 2 in the Chalice Series, Enkindle In Me, is now available!

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