Dubbie – The Double-Headed Eagle

                                                                              DUBBIE  by Eduard Habsburg-Lothringen, Illustrated by James Hrkach, Edited by Amanda Lauer and Translated by Anna-Carolina Habsburg-Lothringen.

What if the ugly duckling was actually an eagle — an eagle with two heads?
It’s not easy being a double-headed eagle. This is something little Dubbie finds out soon after hatching. With his single-headed family being clueless about how to raise him, he embarks on a quest to find kindred eagles. On this journey,  he makes friends with a runaway girl named Emma but also encounters villains with a hidden agenda who are intent on keeping the past in the past — particularly double-headed eagles.
Will Dubbie find his double-headed family? Will he and Emma be able to outwit their foes? Follow their adventures through the magical city of Vienna and find out for yourself.