A Faith Such as Heaven Intended (#5)

A Faith Such as Heaven Intended (Heaven Intended #5) by Amanda Lauer

When the men from Tonica, Illinois, are shipped off to fight in the Civil War, Ruth Simmons decides to tag along after her older brothers and her sole male classmate. Disguised as a drummer boy, Ruth finds herself in over her head as the regiment arrives in Gettysburg, Pennsylvania, on the eve of one of the bloodiest battles of the war. A chance encounter with a Confederate prisoner of war in the aftermath alters the course of her life.

Captain Ben Holt, a brilliant young surgeon, has sold his surgical skills to the highest bidder. What he hadn’t bargained on was being put to the test by the beguiling Ruth Simmons, a sharp young woman with the preposterous notion of becoming a surgeon herself.

Their two lives are entwined as they make their way from Gettysburg to Washington City, where they are caught up in the events occurring during the monumental final year of the Civil War, including the attack on the capital city, the attempted kidnapping and subsequent assassination of President Lincoln, and the hunt for his killer. With their lives on the line, Ruth and Ben must set their differences aside and, using their shared faith as common ground, determine a way to escape the District of Columbia so they can pursue the lives of which they’ve dreamed.

Civil War Historical Romance


“What can I say? They had me at “a new Heaven Intended book.” I have long been a fan of Amanda Lauer’s popular Civil War romance series, so I was thrilled to hear of this new addition. In a stroke of genius, Lauer delicately weaves the storylines of each novel together. This subtle connectivity satisfies the fans of the series but also makes the books perfect for people unfamiliar with the previous novels. Each epic romance develops amid historical facts, heartbreaking personal tragedies, and witty dialog between strong female characters and their chivalrous leading men. Having once lived in Washington, D.C., I was particularly drawn to this story, which features the real-life drama that occurred in the Nation’s Capital at the end of the war. A Faith Such as Heaven Intended introduces us to Ruth and Ben. Ben is a brilliant surgeon with a mysterious past. Ruth is an aspiring surgeon during a time when women were not allowed to practice that profession. Once again, Lauer writes about a strong female and injects the snappy repertoire that makes this series a joy to read. I feel this is where Amanda Lauer shines, combining historical elements with completely relatable characters for the modern reader. This enjoyable writing style, infused with faith, makes for a winning combination.” Leslea Wahl, award-winning author of The Perfect Blindside and other Catholic teen novels.

War in America, 1864. Cross a serious, analytical, and fastidious male surgeon with an adventurous, risk-taking, non-traditional female, and watch the sparks fly. Both Ben Holt and Ruth Simmons are equally goal-oriented, ambitious, medically skilled, and self-assured, but are his charm and perfectionism a match for her spunk and determination to be a surgical assistant? Author Amanda Lauer’s prose sizzles with witty dialog as the stakes are gradually raised with stalkers, threats, violence, and kidnapping plots. Amidst embroiling wartime tensions, how long will Ben and Ruth fight their own growing attraction to each other? For just the right amount of sweet romance to bring hope from despair, A Faith Such as Heaven Intended fits the bill. Laura DeNooyer, author of All That Is Hidden

I always feel uplifted after reading one of Amanda Lauer’s novels, and A Faith as Heaven Intended is no exception. Beautifully researched and written, this Civil War period historical fiction drew me into the journey of the main characters’ relationship, faith, and living out with the realities of the times. What I enjoyed, and hadn’t expected, was for this love story to transport me into such up-close encounters with those involved in the war, from the soldiers on both sides of the conflict to Lincoln himself. If you are seeking a great read, I highly recommend this moving story.  Jim Sano, award-winning author of The Father Tom Series

Amanda Lauer’s latest sheds light on the complexities of battlefield medical care and the challenges of falling in love and keeping the faith during wartime. A winning combination of strong-willed characters and rich historical detail makes the reader feel as if they’re at the center of the action. I loved it from start to finish! Barb Szyszkiewicz, editor at CatholicMom.com and author of The Handy Little Guide to Prayer


Set mainly in the waning days of the Civil War, with its brainiac surgeon Ben Holt and the determined surgical assistant Ruth Simmons, A Faith Such as Heaven Intended delivers the history, sweet romance, and mild intrigue that fans of the Heaven Intended series love. Amidst the death and destruction of war, Ben’s stalwart Catholic faith is just what it takes for Ruth to experience the forgiveness and peace that’s long eluded her, resulting in a historical journey that leaves the reader satisfied and smiling. Carolyn Astfalk, award-winning author, All in Good Time and Stay With Me