Growing Up In God’s Image

GROWING UP IN GOD’S IMAGE by Carolyn J. Smith makes it easy for families to approach the topic of sexuality — mom to daughter, father to son, parent to child — especially for that first big talk on the facts of life. This book is about the beauty of growing up as a young woman or a young man. For teens, it provides positive answers through an understanding of sexuality as God intended from the moment He created it and when He later gave it to us as a sacrament through Jesus. For young and old couples alike, it gives a new appreciation of their own sacramental marriages. It is about family and the restoration of family life and love. It is about God’s plan for us.

GROWING UP IN GOD’S IMAGE provides parents with gender-specific sections, “How to Talk with Your Daughter” and “How to Talk with Your Son.” Both Carolyn and Jim (Carolyn’s husband who contributed to the section for boys) provide actual words parents can use in this very important conversation.

GROWING UP IN GOD’S IMAGE is an invaluable resource for parents wanting to give their children more than just a biology lesson. Carolyn was interviewed on the Sunrise Morning Show (EWTN) – click the link to listen to Carolyn explaining the foundations that led to the book GROWING UP IN GOD’S IMAGE.  Carolyn also outlines the tools parents can use with their children.

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Listen to Carolyn’s Interview on the SonRise Morning Show here.


This book guides parents to gradually expand a child’s understanding of life, beginning with how the love of family reflects the love of God.  Teaching the facts of life fully demands including the spiritual. Caroline does a beautiful job explaining the physical changes that occur during puberty while including the responsibility to be true to God’s plan and purpose for our bodies. The life lessons are presented in clear language and will enrich not just the children, but the parents also reading this book as an aid.       Patti Maguire Armstrong, author

Courageous, timely and beautifully sensitive.  In a time when our children are bombarded by all the wrong messages about their bodies, here is a wonderful guide for parents to talk to their children about Godliness, their bodies and sex.”   Donna Piscitelli, children’s author.

“A useful guidebook for parents and a resource that’s sure to strengthen your family. Discard the dread of “the talk” and embrace the beauty of a faith-based approach. My copy’s sure to be dog-eared and passed along!”  Sarah Reinhard, author, blogger

Smith has created a terrific resource….as I read this book, my overriding thought was how well it illustrates the deep roots and far-flung implications of Church teaching on marital sexuality.” Kathleen Basi, writer


“To each individual, the manifestation of the Spirit is given for some benefit.” (1 Corinthians 12:7)
It’s been many years since that first talk with my oldest daughter about the facts of life, but I remember it very well. Like most moms, I was a bit nervous and consternated over what to say. Actually, I remember resenting that I had to talk with her so soon. I felt pressured because many of the children at school were already “knowledgeable.” Hearing something from a classmate was the last thing I wanted to happen. I didn’t want her to hear about “sex.” I wanted her to hear about the beauty of God’s gift of love.
I was getting ready to tell her about a very special and holy love, the love that existed between her father and me. My husband, Jim, is truly God’s gift to me. So I went to the Source of the gift and asked Him, “Lord, what do you want me to say to her?”
I felt certain God wanted me to start at the beginning with Him. After all, He is Love itself. All love, especially this love, comes from Him. God created us to love Him and to love each other; therefore we should talk about His creation of Adam and Eve and His plan for marriage from the very beginning. What we have today is nothing new. It has existed since the beginning of time. And, in the One that we image, it has always existed! Thus, this theme became the beginning of the “facts of life” talk.
The second theme came to me many years later while away with my husband for a weekend. The gift came during Mass between the consecration and the communion. After Mass, I couldn’t wait to tell Jim! It left me absolutely in awe that God has given to married people a love that resembles His own in the Eucharist!
I was then able to share this with my fifth daughter (and the sixth, seventh, and eighth) when I talked to her about the “facts of life.” Her reaction was everything a mom could hope for. She looked up at me and said in wonder, “Wow, THAT is really neat!”