Enkindle in Me (Chalice Book 2)

ENKINDLE IN ME (Chalice 2) by Erin Lewis is coming soon!

The world wants him.  But God wants him more.
Dropped back into the real world with a newfound faith following a lengthy prison sentence, 23-year-old Dallas Malone is bombarded by the tantalizations of secular society and all the changes that seem to have occurred overnight.  His Catholic faith burns deep inside him, but now he must live it out amidst morally bankrupt co-workers and without the support of his best friend.  Struggling to get back on his feet and prove himself, Dallas’s wounds are becoming scars, and he knows he’s not the same person he used to be.  When he meets Samantha, enchanting and headed for trouble, his natural protective instinct is inflamed while past demons of failure chip away at what he thought he knew was a true calling from God enkindled in his heart.  Can Dallas forgive himself and heal from his past mistakes to discern the life path God has laid out for him as a man?