Book Trailer Audio/Video Editing

Full Quiver Publishing (James Hrkach) can take your audio tracks, still images, and video clips and assemble them into a captivating audio-visual promotional showpiece for your book. However, book trailers can range from uneventful 20-second promo clips to expensive 3-minute extravaganzas (and we’re talking thousands of dollars here!) And some are even convinced that they do little to gain the sales that one might think they would.

FQP offers a $50 creative think session that serves as a consultation to guide your decision-making regarding the book trailer you’re dreaming up being plausible, both logistically and cost-wise.  This consultation results in a list of possible audio, still and video ideas that can be pursued, plus a sketched-out storyboard to work with as you continue the process. If Full Quiver offers a solution and a price you like, we’ll see the project to its end. If not, then take your storyboard and concepts generated in your creative session with us to the production agency of your choice (even if that’s you!)

There are lots of collaborative options as well. You could brainstorm with FQP, create footage with another agency, collect voiceovers somewhere else, and then entrust the audio mixing/video editing back in our studio. Full Quiver has a professional audio recording facility and a video workstation that can produce music and handle post-production to video.

So if you’re in love with the idea of a book trailer but have no idea where to start,  just email Full Quiver Publishing: fullquiverpublishing(at)gmail(dot)com and ask for James.

Here are two short videos that James worked on for Ellen’s TikTok account: