Karina Fabian

Catholic science fiction and fantasy author, Karina Fabian, is a cradle Catholic, a geek and a family woman. Her three great loves came together in 1996, when she and her husband went on a date and came up with the idea of an order of spacefaring nuns. The ladies of Order of Our Lady of the Rescue (the “Rescue Sisters”) work throughout the colonized solar system, doing search and rescue and training. The Rescue Sisters stories have appeared in anthologies , sparked fan fiction, and now have their own novel published by Full Quiver Publishing in October (2016): Discovery. Karina also writes about a dragon detective working under the direction of the Faerie Catholic Church, a psychic who fought his way back to sanity to save two worlds, and a zombie exterminator. In the non-fiction arena, she writes school planners for Catholic schools, saint stories for Saint Connection, and reviews of business products for Top Ten Reviews. She helped found the Catholic Writers Guild and coordinates the online conference. She and her husband, Rob, have collaborated on four wonderful children.



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