Self-Portrait (Fr. Tom 4)

SELF-PORTRAIT (Fr. Tom Book 4) 

by Jim Sano

Thieves have struck again at the Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum, the site of history’s largest unsolved and infamous art heist. This time the priceless self-portrait of Rembrandt is stolen. Detective Brooks isn’t too happy to have Father Tom back poking his nose into another police case, but the surprising twist and turns and complex lives of the players involved make for an intriguing and emotional climax. Themes: self-awareness, forgiveness, marital love, personal growth.

Finalist in Religious Fiction in the American Bookfest Best Books Awards!







Self Portrait is a story of self-forgiveness, self-discovery, self-reflection, and self-acceptance. Officer Billy Quinn had spent decades hiding from everyone what he believed to be his true identity. As clues to a heist at Boston’s esteemed Gardner Museum unravel one by one, Billy’s walls are dismantled brick by brick, and his true dignity comes into view, leaving him the most surprised of all. This story leaves readers contemplating their own humanity and humility, as we watch Sano’s characters reveal their deepest fears and their greatest loves in personal quests for goodness and truth. Self Portrait by Jim Sano delivers in every aspect. 
Mary Jo Thayer, best-selling and award-winning author of Close to the Soul 

A memorable story for our times, when terrible events call into question life-long habits, forcing us to look again and consider the world—and ourselves—in a whole new light.  A. K. Frailey, author

The mark of an outstanding author is drawing readers into a genre they wouldn’t normally read. That’s exactly what Jim Sano did for me with the latest book in his Fr. Tom series. Self Portrait is the tale of a heist of the Rembrandt painting Self-Portrait from the Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum in Boston in the early 2000s. I was hooked from page one. The author does a wonderful job constructing a believable and compelling plot with enough twists to keep any reader on their toes. With his in-depth knowledge of the city of Boston, he created a rich background that shows a realistic picture of Bostonians at their best and worst. Sano has made me a fan of urban life fiction. Great job!  Award-winning author and journalist Amanda Lauer

This is another excellent read from the pen of Jim Sano. It is a story about faith, family, and finding our way in difficult circumstances. Very well written, and the characters will stay with you long after you finish reading the story. Reading this was like a visit with old friends and meeting up with Father Tom and Angelo again are great characters to spend time with. Another great read from FQP and Sano and I highly recommend it.  Steven McEvoy,  

With mystery, action, and a lot of heart, Jim Sano has penned a compelling urban story of forgiveness and grace. This next installment in his Father Tom series won’t disappoint! Antony Barone Kolenc, award-winning author of The Harwood Mysteries