DISCOVERY by Karina Fabian

When a first contact mission discovers a device that lets you see into your soul, the Rescue Sisters must keep the crew from destroying the ship and each other.

Sisters Ann, Tommie and Rita are part of a classified mission to explore an alien ship that has crash landed on an asteroid three billion miles from earth. Humanity’s first contact with beings from beyond the solar system is bound to unlock the mystery of life in the universe, but the crew have their own secrets; hidden fears, desires, horrible sins – and a mission to kill. Researchers discover something unique about the third arm of the ship: something wonderful, something terrifying. Something holy. This discovery challenges Rita and Ann to confront their own pasts in order to secure the safety of the mission and the very souls of the crew.

Published October, 2016

DISCOVERY received the Catholic Writers Guild Seal of Approval in 2016.





Discovery Sell Sheet


“Rescue sisters?  Zerogravity quasi-humans? Dataheads and Rockhoppers? Karina Fabian’s Discovery is a suspenseful space adventure with deep roots that extend to questions about life, death, faith, and purpose. On this one of a kind mission to the outer fringes of the Solar System, characters discover more than secrets of the universe, they hold mirrors to who they are and what they believe. The crew members of the Edwina Taggert have radically different motives for embarking on a mission to explore what they believe to be an alien vessel. With the dexterity of an Isaac Asimov or Larry Niven, Fabian makes the science and speculative science of the story accessible, deftly weaving it into the fabric of the story.  Who is who they claim to be, pretend to be, profess to be? What the crew of Discovery finds when they arrive at  their destination challenges their beliefs, aspirations, and schemes, and keeps the reader wondering to the last page..” T.M. Doran, author of Toward the Gleam,Terrapin, Iota, and Dappled

“The universe is a creation of the Divine Intelligence. As a philosopher of science I have gone through Aristotle’s proof. Any story that omits that fact also falsifies reality. Whatever the topic of the tale, God is always there somewhere if the tale takes place in our existing universe, or even in a rational fantasy universe. Karina places this story within the Catholic Christian view of reality, a view shared and developed by some of the most brilliant thinkers in history. A great story. Thank you, Karina!”  Daria Sockey, author

“Fabian crafts worlds and stories with the same care some people take with their holiday dinners or their artisan quilts. Her characters and plot interweave to make an experience that will make you want to revisit it and reread it and share it with others. Deep space nuns, surreal adventures, and more than one mystery: Discovery will keep you turning the pages and longing for more.” Sarah Reinhard, author, blogger, reviewer

“An uplifting sci-fi novel that held my attention. I don’t know what was more intriguing–the mission of the spacecraft or the inner journey of the characters on board. Discover for yourself how science, technology, and Christianity are woven together to make a great read!” Barbara Hosbach, author


“Anyway!” Chris started, then floundered a moment, his train of thought derailed. He took a breath, touched an area of the map with two fingers and pulled it apart, expanding that area. He did it again and again, then rotated it and circled an object with a dark center. The rest of the map fell away.

“This is 2217RB86. Seeker did a flyby of it and its neighboring objects. That’s what you call, um, objects in the Kuiper Belt. Or Ky-boes. That’s what we call them at the university. So, this Ky-bo caught my attention because it’s got some very unusual readings, especially around this dark dot… I won’t bore you with the details. The point is, Dr. Thoren was able to get us some time on Old COOT — that’s a telescope on L5 Station – and um…” He stopped to glance around, as if making sure the security field was still in place. Then he pressed another button and pulled up a different, sharper image of the Ky-bo.

“We found this.”

“Oh, my.” James leaned forward, his nose only inches from the image. The dark circle had resolved into six crescent arms jutting from a sphere. One arm was partially dug into the rock.

“He didn’t find Atlantis,” Augustus smirked.

No, he didn’t.

Chris Davidson had discovered an alien starship.