The Ten Commandments of Writing a Good Catholic Novel

The Ten Commandments of Writing a Good Catholic Novel

By James and Ellen Hrkach

Okay. Once you get over the gimmicky nature of that title, you can also forgive the ludicrous implication that writing a good Catholic novel would be any different from writing a good anything novel.

On the other hand, it just may be noted that one of the main reasons new Catholic authors submit less-than-high-quality fiction to publishers, is, in fact, undue focus on the Catholicity of their work.  A devotion to the theological or moral ideas they have adopted (and want so fervently to share through their work) can generate a bold confidence that often shrouds a neglect of competent writing skills.

As a point of fact, here, at Full Quiver Publishing, we love most of the story ideas that are submitted to us by new authors who are hoping for a contract. It’s the lack of writing proficiency that usually stops us dead in our tracks, leaving us uncertain as to whether a particular great book concept might ever make it to print or pixel.

In no uncertain terms, then, let us review ten of the writing problems that new authors should attempt to solve… before they make any attempts to be published.

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