Kimberly Cook

Kimberly Cook is the author of Motherhood Redeemed: How Radical Feminism Betrayed Maternal Love, as well as the host of the podcast, The Dignity of Women. Her marriage workbook on the virtues earned her the Catholic Writers Guild Seal of Approval, and her Workbook for Single Women has been used internationally.
Kimberly was one of the featured experts on women in the Catholic Church for the documentary, From Eve to Mary: The True Dignity of Women. Cook has appeared on Catholic Answers and spoken at the National Catholic Women’s Conference. Her work regularly appears on Catholic news and journalism sites.
Her middle-grade novel, The Adventures of Lily Creek: A Hermitage of Her Own (book one) was published by FQP late last year.
Kimberly holds an MA in Systematic Theology and runs KimberlyCook.ME– an outlet for thought and discussion on reclaiming femininity and challenging modern feminism. She lives in Virginia with her husband and their children.



Kimberly’s Books:

Motherhood Redeemed: How Radical Feminism Betrayed Maternal Love (published by Tan Books.)

A Hermitage of Her Own (The Adventures of Lily Creek)

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