Firetender (Chalice Book 1)

FIRETENDER (Chalice Book 1) by Erin Lewis

Sometimes true strength only comes with surrender.

Hot-headed Dallas Malone has spent most of his life putting up emotional walls around himself, softened only by his best friend Channing,  whom he protects with the fierceness of a big brother.  When the two are faced with sudden homelessness, Dallas’s impulsive decisions leave them fleeing from law enforcement and land him in prison.   His mistakes threaten to ravish Dallas like a wildfire unless he can learn to allow something more powerful than himself into his life.


Catholic historical fiction.






Firetender is abundant in grit and grace, taking readers on an explorative journey through the fragility of life, the innocence of faith, and the inner battles we face in order to truly love and protect others, ourselves, and God well. The results are equal parts crushingly heartbreaking and transformatively satisfying.   Allison Ramirez, author of The Divided Kingdom 

With masterfully drawn characters and an ever-compelling storyline, Lewis adeptly brings us through the light and dark of the human condition while illuminating the importance of faith and friendship.  Jen Miller

Two teenage boys, both with a history of abuse and neglect by their parents, together face homelessness and the risk of starvation as they travel cross-country seeking a new start. When things go terribly wrong and they wind up running from the law, a tragedy changes everything–but ultimately gives Dallas the opportunity to depend on God rather than himself. The subject matter is difficult, but the author tells the story well and with compassion.
Trigger warnings: child abuse and neglect, prison violence. (ARC provided by author for my honest review) Barb Szyszkiewicz, author, The Handy Little Book of Prayer