Fallen Graces (Fr. Tom 5)

FALLEN GRACES (Fr. Tom 5) by Jim Sano

When a dead man’s body is found in the upper basin of a historic fountain in Boston Common with a cryptic message in his pocket, Detective Brooks reluctantly calls in Father Tom and Angelo to help solve the clues in the hunt for a killer set on justice and revenge. Fallen Graces, the fifth book of the award-winning Father Tom series, delves into the psychological and religious complexities of a killer who becomes as equally unpredictable as dangerous to the parish neighborhood of St. Francis, and Father Tom has no choice but to become more involved, risking his own life to find the answer.

(Fr. Tom Series #5)




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Fallen Graces is a murder mystery that will draw you in with an amazing pace that kept me on the edge of my seat the whole way through. The excellent plot and great characters are masterfully written, and this is the most powerful of Jim’s stories, one that will inspire and stay with you long after you finish reading it. I highly recommend it.  Steven R. McEvoy, Book Reviews and More

A chilling series of macabre murders mystifies the Boston community, sending Father Tom and his friends into a full-throttle search for the truth, before the murderer strikes again. Jim Sano has written a riveting page-turner of a thriller, with a deeper message. If you have ever struggled with unforgiveness, or being angry with God about injustice, this book will challenge you to reconsider the power of forgiveness and God’s undeserved Grace. Kira Marie McCullough, King of the Lake and Other Stories

Ever since reading The Father’s Son, I have come to admire the character of Fr. Tom Fitzpatrick. Fallen Graces furthers the lore of Fr. Tom with amazing story-telling and character development wrapped in this intense and wonderfully written mystery. Well done, Jim Sano, Well done.  Deacon Phúc Phan, Diocese of Austin