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Wisconsin resident Amanda Lauer saw her debut novel published October 29, 2014. A World Such as Heaven Intended hit the no. 1 spot in its genre on Amazon two months later and was the 2016 YA CALA winner. The second book in the trilogy, A Life Such as Heaven Intended, was published April 1, 2018. Both books have earned the prestigious Catholic Writers Guild Seal of Approval. Book #3 in the Heaven Intended series is now available! Lauer learned the technical aspects of writing as a proofreader in the insurance, newspaper and collegiate arenas. Over the last 15 years she has had nearly 1,500 articles published in newspapers and magazines throughout the United States, plus she is the co-writer of the movie The Islands, scheduled to be released nationwide in 2019. Lauer has been offered a contract from an LA movie studio to turn her book A World Such as Heaven Intended into a major motion picture. They are in the pre-production stage of that process now. In addition to her proofreading, copy-editing and writing career, Lauer is an actress and is involved in the health and wellness industry. She and her husband John have been married 38 years, have four grown children and five adorable grandchildren.



Amanda’s Books:

A World Such As Heaven Intended

A Life Such as Heaven Intended

A Love Such as Heaven Intended

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