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Amanda Lauer is the author of the best-selling Heaven Intended Civil War series. A World Such as Heaven Intended won the 2016 YA CALA award. Lauer won Best Writer 2020 (Red Letter Awards) for her work on the movie The Islands. She collaborated on the recently released children’s book Dubbie: The Double Headed Eagle. Her story Lucky and Blessed, part of the anthology Treasures: Visible & Invisible, was released March 1, 2021. Over the last twenty years, Lauer has had more than 1,500 articles published in newspapers and magazines throughout the United States. She and her husband John have been married forty years and have four grown children, two sons-in-law, a daughter-in-law, and seven remarkable grandchildren.





Amanda’s Books:

A World Such As Heaven Intended

A Life Such as Heaven Intended

A Love Such as Heaven Intended

Anything But Groovy

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