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LifeSiteNews praises Stealing Jenny!

Gable’s latest novel, STEALING JENNY, currently sits at number one in the Religious & Liturgical Drama category on Amazon Kindle. The ebook is approaching 62,000 downloads since its release in September 2011.


In keeping with the genre of Jane Eyre and

Rebecca ... read more

IN NAME ONLY won a gold medal in Religious Fiction in the 2010 IPPY Awards. As well, it has been in the top five of the Religious and Liturgical Drama category on Amazon Kindle since January (spending most of that time in the #1 position!)
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Ellen Gable's writing

gives birth to very real,



“Ellen will keep you on the edge of your seat and probably destroy your sleep pattern as you stay up to find out what happens. But beyond being a great suspense, it's also an excellent example of morals in action and family life redeemed.” Amazon Review.
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